With results in only 20 minutes, the COVID-19 Antigen Test is a nasopharyngeal swab test which detects the COVID-19 Antigen. Early detection allows more efficient and effective control of the virus.

The test is being offered primarily for the purposes of essential travel. Your result is available within 15 minutes. Our Rapid Antigen test has a sensitivity of 97.04% and a specificity of 99.9%.

A Travel Certificate is provided which is mutually recognised by all member states across the EU and on common list of EU COVID-19 rapid antigen tests.

This Travel Certificate is also valid for travel to the USA and other countries outside of the EU. 
Please bring Photo ID with you to the pharmacy on the day of your test.

How much does the service cost?

Antigen tests are €30 and this includes your travel certificate. Payment will be taken in the pharmacy on the day of your appointment.

How do patients avail of the service?

Click the link below to book your Antigen Test via our automated booking service.


Please Note

This test is specifically and only suitable for asymptomatic patients. It is not suitable for patients who have symptoms or those who have been exposed to COVID-19 in the last 14 days as a close contact.

An Antigen test detects the presence of a specific viral antigen, which implies current viral infection.

Terms and Conditions:

While Daltons Pharmacy will take every precaution to ensure the accuracy of every test and certificate provided, all customers must check each certificate provided and be satisfied themselves that all Certificates provided by Daltons Pharmacy are correct and accurately printed and no name/passport number nor date errors. Daltons Pharmacy cannot accept any liability for mistakes made on any Certificate nor can Daltons Pharmacy accept any liability should an airline or any other company used by patients for the purpose of travel not accept a travel certificate provided by Daltons Pharmacy.

No Antigen test is 100% accurate. All tests have limitations. The antigen test is less accurate than the COVID-19 PCR test. The test will find the virus in most people who have symptoms. But in some cases, it may not pick up that you have the virus. Daltons Pharmacy cannot accept any liability for any test that is either falsely positive or falsely negative.